fot. Alice Lehmann

13 November 2019 (Wednesday) 7:00 pm

Lech Wieleba — double bass (Switzerland),
Paweł Wieleba — percussion instruments (Germany)

„Wieleba & Wieleba”


Creative Communities Church, ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 22

„Wieleba & Wieleba”

It’s a new programme by Lech Wieleba — a composer and a double bass player, which was prepared together with his son — Paweł Wieleba for this year’s celebrations of the 5th Anniversary of the Logos European Culture Centre.

Both musicians are known to the community of Łodź from two projects that have been presented to them so far: “Poetic Jazz” and “Poetic Jazz Symphonic”. Lech is also known for being an author and performer of music for the Logos Theatre spectacle “Tak się leci”. The premiere of the show will take place on November 13 at the church of Creative Communities in Łódź.


Lech Wieleba

A composer, double bass player and music arranger... His compositions complement Polish jazz music that has a long tradition and a significant place in the history of jazz worldwide. Silvano Luca Gerosa, a Swiss music critic wrote that his music is “...incredibly touching, lyrical and poetical...” Lech still remains open to new challenges, he still surprises and charms both with his new compositions and his performances. Following his latest success that was topped with a concert in Boston with the local symphonic orchestra and releasing a new CD “Poetic Jazz Symphonic live in Boston”, Lech turned more towards chamber music — a duo. His fascination with the clear sound of percussion instruments and the double bass as well as their great power, became the inspiration for the new undertaking that resulted in current programme. As his creative partner, Lech invited none other but his son — Paweł, much admired here in Łódź during the many Festivals of Christian Culture taking place between the years 2012 — 2016.


Paweł Wieleba

A percussionist, music producer and a pedagogue of music and multimedia arts. Lives and creates in Hamburg. Born in Gdańsk in 1981, is the son of a music teacher and a double bass player. In 1984 he left for Hamburg with his parents and he started to play the piano there at the age of 5.

As a teenager, fascinated with percussion, he dives into the secrets of playing those instruments under the care of the following professors: Robby Smith, Ali Husseini and Danny Gottlieb (USA), but also at the Hamburg Music School Achtelik & Co. At the same time, he collects his first experiences as a percussionist, he performs in various ensembles on international stages, festivals and theatre and film productions.

In 2009 he completed his studies of musicology with the title of an MA at the University of Hamburg. Jazz and modern electronic music are his passions, but he is also fascinated by the music culture of the Orient. His projects are rooted in different sources. He is trying to elaborate his own, individual aesthetics of the sound.

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